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The Day the Lights Went Out

brain erase

I am rushing—our taxi will arrive in 45 minutes. As I brush my teeth with a towel tightly wrapped around me, my husband walks in, sits on the edge of the tub, and makes muffled noises. I turn to look at him. He folds over and holds his face in his hands. “Are you okay?”…

Dirty family secrets at the TSA

My husband values efficiency in travel, so he set an appointment for the three of us to apply for TSA Global Access passes. Dirk wanted to speed up the line through Customs for our upcoming vacation to London, and a co-worker told him a quick and simple interview was all it took.  It started off…

Kindness is a Boomerang

Kindness is a Boomerang

My most recent piece, Kindness is a Boomerang, was just published by the inspirational site, The Kindness Blog. Thank you Kindness Blog for allowing me to be a guest writer for you! Click here to read it!

What’s in a Name?

WHAT’S IN A NAME? By Jennifer Cramer-Miller I have two friends that are pregnant. They are growing babies and pondering names. It is a weighty decision to decide the name your child will carry around forever. The assignment is further complicated with all the personal associations that we attach to various names that have crossed…

Savor the Blissful, Beautiful, Crazy

Blissful, Beautiful Crazy

Many thanks to Mamalode for publishing this excerpt, Savor the Blissful, Beautiful Crazy, from my upcoming book, In a Blink: A 7-day Road Trip into the Empty Nest.  Just click the title above—I hope you like it!

There is Beauty in the World

Beauty in the World

I am grateful to The Kindness Blog for publishing this piece I wrote about a total stranger that changed the life of my family and me. You can read it here. There is Beauty in the World.


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