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One Word to Dramatically Reduce Stress and Improve Happiness

Reduce Stress

You’d enjoy more life balance and productivity in 2022, right? But, as always, you juggle a lot of balls. And people ask (often) if they can toss more into your mix. Of course, you want to say yes. You’re a nice person. A people pleaser. So, you catch another ball. And another. Now you resent…

Sharing a Mission and Shining a Light

Sharing A Mission

As part of my work with the National Kidney Foundation, I have the privilege of interviewing and writing about people connected to this cause. And I say privilege, because I meet some darn impressive people. Case in point, two go-getter medical students, Saumith and Pavan (20 and 19 years old respectively). This dynamic duo is…

Where there are Helpers, There is Hope

Where there are Helpers

How lucky is this? The National Kidney Foundation MN Blog has asked me to interview amazing people and write their stories. And this story? It’s incredibly heart warming. Especially now, when we are all ready to chuck 2020—the connection between Taylor Pikkarainen and sweet Bodie Hall is an uplifting reminder that good things happen in…

Law and Odor: Special Refrigerator Unit

Law and Odor

Last Wednesday I took a Humor Writing class from Wendi Aarons. Over the weekend I worked on this piece. Today, I’m happy to say Erma Bombeck Writer’s Blog published it. Note that the editor softened the two spicy words at the end with asterisks. Gotta say, it’s a ‘lil bit exciting to log my first…

I Miss You, Cashier Lady

Cashier Lady

Here’s an essay of mine published by the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop in July. It never made it to my blog due to technical difficulties. Don’t get me started on technical difficulties, they are the bane of my existence. But now it’s October and there is a happy ending. My blog is no longer rejecting…

Circling Back to the Bright Side

Last month, as the COVID crisis separated us from our people and places, I wrote to find the bright side. But now, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death, a heavy haze of pain and sadness circulates through the air. Writing to find the bright side? My words ran dry. Then I consulted my daughter, Liza,…

The List that Changed My Life

The List That Changed My Life

I recently heard Cheryl Strayed, an author I admire (best known for her memoir Wild) tell this story, and it stuck with me. She was riding in the car with her ex-husband years ago. On an icy patch of a Wisconsin highway, the car started to slip and slide. As he tightly gripped the wheel,…

Connections during Coronavirus

Connections During Coronavirus

As I’m home dodging COVID-19, I’m lucky that I like to write—keyboard tapping definitely fills time. And I’m delighted that the Founder of ModernWell, Julie Burton, published this story about my grateful-to-give-back Live Happy, Dammit! t-shirts on the ModernWell blog. Check it out, stay home, stay healthy, and stay happy!

Not So Perfect, Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

My daughter and I had high hopes as we tackled Martha Stewart’s “Perfect Pie Crust” recipe. The result? Well, I think we can agree—not so perfect, Martha. I’m delighted to be published again by the Erma Bombeck Team! Check out my latest essay at:

The Power of People to Help People

Power of People

September 1st is a noteworthy day for my husband and me. Because eight years ago on this very day, Dirk donated his kidney to a stranger to enable me to receive a gift from a 25-year-old man I’ve never met—an altruistic donor who wanted to share his extra kidney. When Dirk’s selflessness merged with the…

The Art of Heavy Packing

Heavy Packing

Are you a light packer? Well, I’m not. And I don’t care. I pack heavy. Sure, I endure the occasional “Oh, that’s a heavy one!” from the helpful check-in guy or gal at the airport. But it’s worth it. I’m here to tell you, packing heavy has benefits. Check out my latest piece published on…

Because, we endure.

we endure

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I’ve been thinking about all the women that raise us, inspire us—and the ones we lean on as we muddle through all the drop-offs, pick-ups, practices, parties, homework, heartbreak, hold-ons and push-aways. And through all the precious and precarious moments, we get to do the miraculous job of raising honorable,…